Table of Contents and Foreword


          As Darwin believed it
          The secret of the instincts
          About the authors

Innovative Predators
          Deceptive hunters
          If you’re hungry – I’ll eat you!
          Animal cutlery
          Knowledge ready-made

Defense, Disguise, Deception
          Expressive colors and marks
          “Keep your eyes open”
          Bluff for survival
          The last throw
          Collective defense

          Do the big fish eat the small fish?
          Spared escorts
          The date of the contract?
          No rose without a thorn
          Paid mercenaries
          The moth and the anthill
          The double parasite

The Language of the Animals
          Scent messages
          Impossible mission
          Swimming power plants
          Tone setters
          Growling, croaking and grunting fish
          Notes–or improvisation?
          The visible message
          Light signals
          Body language
          The language of dance
          Born with a dictionary
          Man is totally different

Fly-by-night Wanderers or Expert Navigators?
          Ant map
          Salmon–back to the sender
          Secrets under the water
          A first-class mystery
          The reliable postman
          Wanderers of the sky
          The bird of the brightness
          Impossible journeys
          Perfect strength management
          Accessories of an expedition
          Since when do birds migrate?
          Points of controversy
          Birds of a feather...

Couples and Mating
          Whale song
          Tuned to one scent
          Captivating lights
          The chase is better than the catch
          Roe hills at the bottom of the lake
          Show me your bower!
          Mechanical architects
          On the origin of sexual characteristics
          Dance and presents
          A delicate subject
          Scorpion waltzer
          The champions of timing

The New Generation
          Frog babies and frog midwives
          Born in food
          Nature’s thermostat
          Cuckoo eggs
          The best guru is the kangaroo
          A new generation of scientists

The Source of Intelligence
          Inheritance and acquisition
          The invisible center of behavior
          The alternative of design
          Answers from the past
          The structure of living beings
          Journey through the bodies
          Evolution–from top to bottom
          Some pending questions
          A farewell to the reader